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Who grew up being told: “you should not listen to ‘worldly’ music”, “you shouldn’t listen to anything with bad words in it”, “you shouldn’t watch R rated movies“? 

My opinion on this is just because you can agree to or abide by those things it does not make you any closer to God than anyone else, or make you more of a Christian than anyone else. 

For me it is a question of : what is the wise thing to do for YOU personally? 

Does any of these things that you are indulging in change the way you are as a person or cause you to treat people differently. Is it making you stumble in life or causing any kind of separation in your life or with God, then the answer should be to cut it out of your life immediately.

However if you are able to watch a Game of Thrones series and engage with it for the good art and great story telling, then by all means you should be allowed to watch it. There is no right or wrong.

Nowadays it is easier to listen to more Christian music, not only it easy to access (especially online) there is also a lot more of it available. Same with movies, there are so many more Christian movies being made today then there was 5 years ago.

My top movies for 2016:

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

Miracles from Heaven 

The Young Messiah 

My top song for 2016:

TobyMac – This Is Not A Test

Chris Tomlin – Jesus

Big Daddy Weave – The Lion And The Lamb

Danny Gokey – Rise

Casting Crowns – One Step Away

Love & The Outcome – The God I Know

I hope that you take the time to listen to them.

Stay Blessed!


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