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In the 30 years of my life, for the first time I sit outside the Parliament of South Africa in Cape Town, and pray for our country and our government. 

I stand as a woman of color that has never protested for anything,  who has stood silent for years agreeing with the majority and never actually standing up for what I thought was ‘right’.

Today I stood amongst many people begging to be heard. I’d say that today with South Africa uniting , it’s a step in the right direction.

March for Change

Ironically after the President took it upon himself to reshuffle or change some key members of the South African Cabinet the people of South Africa has now come together to protest not just against THIS change, but for a change in the top leadership of our country. The people of South Africa has spoken, and want the current president to step down.

Today I pray…

Heavenly Father remove all wickedness, illness, corruption and greed out of the leaders of our country. We pray that our country will stand together and remove those steeling form the beautiful place we call home. 

We also stand and pray for the safety of those leaders and leaders of faith who are taking a stand against the evil that has come into our country and government and infiltrated the system. 

Father, in Jesus’ name, we give thanks for our country and its government. We hold up in prayer before You the men and women who are in positions of authority. We pray and intercede for the President, the representatives, the provincial MEC’s, the judges of our land, the police, the police commissioner, as well as the mayors, and for all those who are in authority over us in any way.  We pray that the Spirit of the Lord rests upon them.

Your Word declares that ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…’. We receive Your blessing.  Father, You are our refuge and stronghold in times of trouble. So we declare with our mouths, that Your people dwell safely in this land and that we will prosper abundantly! We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus!

We give thanks unto You that the good news of the gospel is published in our land. The Word of the Lord prevails and grows mightily in the hearts and lives of the people. We give thanks for this land and the leaders You have given to us, in Jesus’ name.

Jesus is Lord over South Africa, its Government & its people’s

here are a few images i took on my little excursion…


    this last one was from twitter 🙂


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