Hitting it to 30



on 2 August I turned 30! and as I reflect on the past year I am extremely grateful to God for carrying me through it. Each year we pray for things to get better, but the better it gets that harder obstacles we are given to over come, but when you serve and believe in the Great Man above you cannot fail, and he will never fail you.

The biggest thing about the day though was being reminded how incredibly lucky and blessed I am to have the people in my life that I do. I was seriously blown away and may have even dropped a couple tears from all the love and support from friends and family.

My friends are the THE BEST! I can’t begin to convey how affected I was by all the words spoken, written, facebooked, tweeted, etc. People say you can tell a lot about someone by looking at the people in their lives…well then I guess I’m good to go! So this is just a small way to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! You have all made me a better person and I am eternally thankful to have had you in my life, be it for a day or 20 years. Here’s to life, don’t listen to the downers and Negative Nancy’s, grab it and go for it!!

Most of all, Jonathan (my husband) you are truly THE BEST. I love you so much and am incredibly excited for our journey ahead. I wouldn’t want to be on it with anyone else!