A Year since July 2016

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13 July 2016 was a day like no other until tragedy struck. A soul left this earth, a beautiful God fearing soul, our beloved Pastor William Tait. A pastor that was so close to our family, like a spiritual father that watched myself and my siblings grow up.

This was a tremendously sad day for my family, and our church family.

3 days later, on 17 July 2016 I received a phone call rushed to my aunties house to find my grandpa laying on the floor lifeless.

Pastor Tait was meant to be the Pastor that married Jonathan and I last year November. After a brief postponement, in May 2017 we were married by His beautiful wife Pastor Evangeline Tait. Although the day had significant people missing the importance of the day is what kept us strong.

A year on and there are so many feelings racing through me. Tonight I listened to a speech written by Pastor William Tait’s youngest daughter at his one year memorial service and I cried at the though of how differently these 2 families have handled their grief.

I was struck by these two tragedies so close after one another but am in awe of how God has carried me through.

In all the sadness it is often difficult to see the work of God. Some of us question God’s actions but when you accept His actions and continue to be faithful in His work he will reward you greatly.

Today I can thank God that that there is life after death. 

“People can smear your name, but they cannot deny your testimony” – Pastor Russel van Wyk

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