Reacting, Reaction

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My husband and I were approached with a request and due to the nature of the request and privilege there was no way we would ever turn it down and immediately answered yes. But then after came the reasoning and something did not sit well with me.

I took the next day to think and pray about things, and do some reading up about the matter. 

After much thought and still debating it with myself internally I decided to chat to my husband about it that evening, but also chose to bring it up in a lighter manner and rather focused it on us and our experience instead of where the questions were raised from… and after much caution it still ended in a little bit of miss communication and he understood things different to the way I did, and my reasoning did not come across to him as clear as i thought

In actual fact we always end up in a tight rope situation, because i’m a logical thinker and he never sees any underlying issues with ANYTHING, but we manage to chat things through, and theres a bit of understanding.


The below extract I found on Thought Catalog

Something that seems to be so simple, I’m still learning to do.

I’m slowly learning that not reacting doesn’t mean I’m okay with things, it just means I’m choosing to rise above it. I’m choosing to take the lesson it has served and learn from it. I’m choosing to be the bigger person. I’m choosing my peace of mind because that’s what I truly need. I don’t need more drama. I don’t need people making me feel like I’m not good enough. I don’t need fights and arguments and fake connections. I’m slowly learning that sometimes not saying anything at all says everything.

I’m slowly learning that reacting to things that upset you gives someone else power over your emotions. You can’t control what others do but you can control how you respond, how you handle it, how you perceive it and how much of it you want to take personally. I’m slowly learning that most of the time, these situations say nothing about you and a lot about the other person. I’m slowly learning that maybe all these disappointments are just there to teach us how to love ourselves because that will be the armor and the shield we need against the people who try to bring us down. They will save us when people try to shake our confidence or when they try to make us feel like we’re worthless.

I’m slowly learning that even if I react, it won’t change anything, it won’t make people suddenly love and respect me, it won’t magically change their minds. Sometimes it’s better to just let things be, let people go, don’t fight for closure, don’t ask for explanations, don’t chase answers and don’t expect people to understand where you’re coming from. I’m slowly learning that life is better lived when you don’t center it on what’s happening around you and center it on what’s happening inside you instead. Work on yourself and your inner peace and you’ll come to realize that not reacting to every little thing that bothers you is the first ingredient to living a happy and healthy life. 

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